Calendar empowers your church members to quickly and easily invite their friends to church events,
while advertising your church events at your own church website in multiple ways.

Many people will attend church events if someone will invite them!

With Calendar, your members can post your church events to their social pages, or with only their friends phone number or email address, use Calendar to send their friends a personalized invitation by email and/or phone text automatically populated with your church event details.

Calendar is designed to be used with the FREE download program Church Web Resource Kit by GLEAMS Co.

You get four extremely low cost ways to advertise your church events with the GLEAMS Co Calendar product ...

Calendar Weekly Schedule

Calendar Monthly calendar

Calendar Upcoming Events

Calendar Event eVite
Gives your church members and everyone a tool to quickly and easily send electronic event invitations to friends by clicking the eVite friends button available on both the billboard advertisement in Calendar Upcoming Events and the event detail cloud in Calendar Monthly Calendar and Calendar Weekly Schedule.

And as a BONUS, Calendar allows you to easily link your event to ...
a photo gallery in the Gallery
a message in the Sermon Message Catalog
an airplane in Paper Airplane Invite using the airVite button.

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To try the Calendar product FREE for 30 days, Download the FREE Church Web Resource Kit, and upload it to your church website,
then access the uploaded Church Web Resource Kit in your browser and choose a Calendar resource.